• Street Fans at The Fan Museum in Greenwich.

    Street Fans the new group show at Greenwich’s Fan Museum is “A Unique Liaison between Street Art and Fan Making.”

    I’ve got two pieces featured amongst an all star line up including: Otto Schade, RUN, Pure Evil, Masai, Guy Denning, Levalet, Ender, Philippe Herard, Sr. X, C215, Dale Grimshaw, Lily Mixe, Jean Faucheur, Mosko, Zabou, Nosbe, Captain Kris, Jordane Saget, Codex Urbanus, Artista, Annatomix, Jerome Mesnager, Ben Oakley, Skeleton Cardboard, Himbad, Zokatos, Nathan Bowen and Jonesy.

    Huge thanks to Sylvain Le Guen for his expert fan making and Jacob and Imogen from the Fan Museum for all their help.

    • September 2017